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We understand English.

Dear Customers, please feel free to contact us in English. Send us all of your questions/offers to testhifi@ya.ru. Thank you! We accept PayPal payments and provide shipping worldwide (temporarily we do not accept!!).

TestHiFi Shops

Vintage and remaster MM and MC phono cartriges , styluses , headshells (a holder for the phono cartrige). Original old branded LP, CD, mini discs (MD), laser discs (LD), audio cassettes, turntables, sound equipment, accoustics... LP and stylus care products, plastic bags for LP.

All of our shops are opened for seven days a week (except for the big celebration days). Please, check the availability of whatever you are interested in before your visit.  

Sound equipment, accoustics and the LP washing service - we provide this in all of our shops!


For the additional security of deals we have an option to realize our lots via Discogs or Meshok ,
with a slightly bigger price (e.g. plus 10% of posting fees).

This website is still developing and filling out with goods - we have much more stuff in our shops!!!
If you have not find the product you are interested in - just send us an email to testhifi@ya.ru